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Sunsets in Idaho - They're Interesting

On my way to pick up my daughter from ballet this evening, I was keeping a watchful eye on the evening's sunset. It was just about 40 minutes or so, before golden hour. Cloud layer in the west was a bit thick, and the sun was only peeking out ever so slightly. I had made up my mind at this point, to move on with the night, and it wasn't going to be a capture worthy sunset. Picked up my daughter, went home,

and settled in. As I was talking with my wife in the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of the northern sky out the kitchen window. I SAW COLOR! I was like, how did this happen??? I was convinced the sunset was going to be a dud for the night. As dinner was filling the house up with an awesome steak Diane smell, I decided to pop the garage door and take a peek...whoa boy! It was ON! Went back inside grabbed my drone and up it went...I was able to get a couple of pics, before the sunset turned the corner on me. So, lesson learned tonight...never give up on a sunset until it's dark. You never know what may be in store, and it's worth the wait to catch something you'd otherwise be none the wiser you missed, if you weren't looking. Have a great night, hope you enjoy the pic!

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